Why We Love The Hendo Hoverboard Viral Video

We just saw the new Hendo Hoverboard viral video and loved it.

What kid didn’t want a hoverboard after seeing the Back to the Future movies? That skateboard of the future made the movies.

Hendo Hoverboard has a great viral video


Of course the actual hoverboard is AWESOME and everyone is going to want to own one, but that’s not what really got us excited. The video ad that Hendo put together to promote the hoverboard on their website and kickstarter campaign is awesome. Within the opening scene, the Hendo video managed to tap into the viewer’s inner child and seconds later our imagination kicks into overdrive and our minds are flooded with ideas about new ways this technology could be integrated into other areas of society.

Hendo’s viral video operates on a three-pronged approach to their video marketing and the producers of the video have executed it perfectly.

1) Humanize the product through visual storytelling
2) Demonstrate the product in action
3) Deliver a call to action

The video is about three minutes long and keeps us watching with the three parts of the video at only about a minute a piece.


How to Humanize a Hoverboard
The first shots of the video are of a child dressed as a scientist sitting at a workbench liberating his Tech Deck mini-skateboard of its cumbersome and limiting wheels. The child then goes on to hot-glue a HendoMan (Superman with an “H” glued on his chest) action figure to the wheel-free board and whizzes him around the room like Marty McFly from Back To The Future 2. It doesn’t take a hoverboard scientist to see exactly where this video is going but that doesn’t stop the unquenchable thirst for more hoverboard. The voice in the back of our head is screaming at us, “Holy crap! This thing might actually be REAL!”

The humanized element to the video is apparent right from the start. We empathize with the child and are captivated by his anything is possible attitude. We know and feel deep down that this company remembers what it was like to be a child and has invited us to come along for the ride through effective storytelling. And we WANT to go with them.

The video then continues with the child presenting his father (dressed in a lab coat, of course) with his “invention.” Like us, the father’s head is now spinning with ideas. Father pulls out some screws, writes a few lines of code, and a well-crafted video montage begins to mock up the world’s first mini hoverboard prototype. Naturally, the first Hendo Hoverboard is a miniature version of the pink board used my Michael J. Fox in the classic movie Back To The Future 2.

Hendo Hoverboard Viral Video


And that’s just the first minute of the video. There’s more.



Product In Action
The second minute of the video unveils the full-sized version of the board and displays some of Father Science’s hoverboard skills on a custom ramp. Admittedly, this part isn’t as interesting, as dad just glides slowly back and forth, with what looks like some difficulty (he is a scientist after all), on the pseudo-half-pipe. Also, we would have thought the dad would have given his kid a chance to ride the board, but maybe there are some unseen safety aspects to consider. The point is, THIS THING IS REAL and seeing it in action is just plain cool.

Hendo Hoverboard in action.

Hendo Hoverboard in Motion



The Clear Call To Action
Finally, we meet the founders of Hendo, Greg and Jill Henderson, in the last minute of the video and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign and how we can get involved and support the project. For the low, low price of $10K, anyone can be one of the first people on the planet to purchase their very own hoverboard. But the more realistic, and affordable, is the option to purchase the “White Box” developer kit. With the developer kit, the supporter will get to sample the technology through a mini version of their product. Presumably, this comes with instructions on how to program/control the board via Arduino or other micro-controllers. The genius idea here is that Hendo is literally setting up it’s own brand ambassadors through the use of makers and hackers.

“Our developer kit is designed to be explored, taken apart, and analyzed. It is meant to inspire global co-creation.”

Anyone interested in the maker community will be taking this thing apart, and re-purposing the hover engines for any number of unimaginable uses. And of course, they will be making videos about it. By tapping into the DIY community early, the reach of this Hendo Video campaign could be endless.


Hendo Developer Kit


Now, we have all seen the fake HuvrTech Hoverboard video before and we know you are wondering if this thing is legit. Rest asured, the Hendo Hoverboard is REAL! The Hendo team has already invited The Verge to do a test run and give some thoughts (Riding the Hendo Hoverboard).

Even if the Hendo Hoverboard turns out to be a complete fake, the video get’s us pumped up. We want to ride one. We want to own one. We want to make Hendo Trick Tutorial Videos about one.  The buzz that a project like this creates is huge and the exceptional story that the their product video tells will get people talking… and that is exactly what a viral video should do.


What do you think of the Hendo Hoverboard ad? Does it get you excited about the product and leave you wanting more?


Learn more at Hendo Hover.


[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/plwX5NtF530″ title=”Hendo%20Hoverboard:%20The%20World%27s%20First%20Hoverboard”]

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  1. Debra
    October 23, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    Great videography & great product!!!

    • Nick Southcote
      October 23, 2014 at 9:36 pm

      Totally agree. Thanks for checking out are site.

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