What Is This Meerkat App And How Can You Use It For Business?

The newest video streaming app, Meerkat, is here and it is catching on like wild-fire. Meerkat solves many of the problems of previous attempts at video streaming apps or platforms of the past (**Cough** Google Plus **Cough** What?). Meerkat ingeniously piggy-backs on top of Twitter giving the app an already attentive user-base and giving it a great advantage. Once the… Read more →

5 Types Of Micro Video You Can Use To Advertise Real Estate On Social Media

How can video be used to help sell properties managed by residential real estate agents? We get this question a lot. Short answer: Of course, video is the perfect medium to showcase a house or condo! But, what exactly can be done, how much video do you need, and what kind of a time and money commitment are we talking… Read more →